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Delivering a lifetime of pre-fab experience.

Construct Pre-fab Consultants helps contractors work through a phased approach to implement pre-fabrication capabilities. 

Pre-fab Methodology

Our expertise includes lean manufacturing shop design, pre-fab planning, estimating, project management, and field installation.

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What we do

Transform your shop with our
pre-fab design and development plans.


Digital Shop Design

01. Digital Shop Design

Using our Digital Shop Simulation we'll help you optimize your workflow for moving materials through the fabrication process, positioning workstations, and storing pre-fabricated assemblies for shipping.
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3D Modeling & Prefab Extraction

02. 3D Modeling & Prefab Extraction

Pre-fabrication relies heavily on fabricating spools and assemblies directly from BIM and CAD models. We'll help with software and machine automation recommendations.
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Lean Manufacturing

03. Lean Manufacturing

Unnecessary movement of material and work in process is expensive and time consuming. A lean manufacturing approach not only reduces time and material inputs, but creates a safer, more efficient shop.
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Material Management

04. Material Management

From raw materials to finished products, material management is an important part of a well run pre-fabrication process. We'll make sure your shop is optimized for handling all your stock, scrap, and work in progress.
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Equipment Selection

05. Equipment Selection

Fabrication equipment can be expensive, but spending more money doesn't always mean getting the best tool for the job. We'll help you optimize your existing equiment and make smart buying decisions on any new equipment you choose to purchase.
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Shop Operations Production Tracking

06. Shop Operations Production Tracking

Managing model data, extracting cut lists, tracking fabrication progress, labeling parts, and managing field assembly are all part of a well-oiled pre-fabrication shop.
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Improve accuracy, reduce material & labor costs. Achieve more competitive bids & win more contracts.

Pre-fabrication gives you the ability to maximize material use with precision nesting of cut lists onto stock along with more efficient workflows to lower your labor costs.  What’s more, your team will love the pre-fab approach for its improvements in ergonomics, accuracy, and less assembly in the field. 

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Trusted by leading fab shops and contractors of all sizes.

Discover why our expertise in pre-fabrication is relied upon by premier fab shops and contractors of all sizes, guaranteeing superior performance in every phase of the construction journey.

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Start your pre-fabrication journey with us.

Ask one of our experts about a Pre-Fab Development Plan for your shop and get started today on your journey to greater profits and enhanced construction capability. 

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Speed and Precision

Optimize your
Pre-Fab Workflow

Model to Pre-Fabrication

Pre-fabrication gives you the advantage of building assemblies directly from CAD and BIM designs for greater accuracy.

Using 3D Models

Gain control over the design process, improve coordination between departments, and get enhanced quality control.

Automated Equipment

From pipe profilers to welding positioners, automated equipment improves accuracy, reduces miscuts, and saves money.

Translating Spool Sheets

We'll optimize your tech stack so you can pull cut lists directly from 3D models and send them to tools on the shop floor.

Pre-Fabricating Assemblies

Welded, grooved, DWV, and domestic piping. Mechanical skids, plumbing groups, hanger assemblies, and pre-fab kits.

Bill of Material to Cut List

Learn how the right workflow will give you a bill of material and a cut list to aid in both fabrication and estimating.

Pre-Fab Development Plan

Our value

The next generation in fab shop design.

With over 37 years of experience in the pre-fabrication arena, our 3D shop design will optimze your workspace for maximum efficiency.

Develop Pre-Fabrication Capability

Maximize your company's advantage on the competition to achieve more competitive bids and win more contracts.

Improve Accuracy & Reduce Costs

Build with greater precision and control over quality while simultaneously reducing your labor and material cost inputs.

Offer More Competitive Bids

Control the entire process from design to fabrication and bid with greater confidence and accuracy.

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Industry’s pre-fabrication consulting leader.

Construct Pre-Fab Consultants is the industry leader in MEP pre-fabrication with nearly four decades of work designing, implementing, and advising on pre-fab projects.

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