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37 years of experience designing, implementing, and advising on pre-fab projects.

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As the Founder of Construct Pre-Fab Consultants LLC, I have a mission to change the way we build through pre-fabrication, offsite construction, and lean manufacturing processes. I have over 37 years of experience in the construction industry, with a strong background in pipefitting, welding, pre-fabrication, plumbing and construction management.

I help companies achieve their pre-fabrication goals, from ground up startups to analysis of existing operations. I create and implement customized plans that match their specific needs, budget, and timeline. I also provide a range of services, such as digital shop design, equipment selection, employee training, QA/QC program, spool sheets, fab tracking, field installation, and project management. My clients benefit from increased efficiency, quality, safety, and profitability. I am passionate about making pre-fabrication the best practice in the industry and delivering outstanding results.

David Antosiak


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Discover why our expertise in pre-fabrication is relied upon by premier fab shops and contractors of all sizes, guaranteeing superior performance in every phase of the construction journey.

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Construct Pre-Fab Consultants is the industry leader in MEP prefabrication with three decades of work designing, implementing, and advising on prefabrication projects.

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