Construct Pre-Fab Kicks Off Lean Manufacturing Project in Northern California


Construct Pre-Fab Kicks Off Lean Manufacturing Project in Northern California

Construct Pre-Fab Consultants is pleased to announce a new customer engagement in the greater San Francisco area with a large mechanical contractor.  The goal is to develop a lean manufacturing approach within an existing fab shop with our customized Pre-Fabrication Improvement Plan. 

As a union shop within the commercial mechanical space, prefabrication capability is prioritized for its advantages in target value design.  Project owners are cost conscious and MEP contractors with a demonstrated pre-fab competence often win the bidding war.  Greater control from design to fabrication makes design changes easier to accommodate and lowers material and labor costs. 

Building DWV Piping, Domestic Piping, and Mechanical Skid Assemblies In-House

Like many projects, this project involves a shop that fabricates a high volume of DWV piping, domestic piping, and mechanical skid assemblies.  This makes it a strong candidate for pre-fab with the potential for a fast ROI.  The goal is to use CAD designs to generate cut lists and monitor fabrication progress.  This will allow for greater control over material use and productivity at individual workstations. 

Stay Tuned for Project Updates

Stay tuned for regular project updates as we embark on this exciting journey retrofitting this fabrication shop!  We’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes insights, progress reports, and exclusive glimpses into the development process.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to follow along and witness the transformation firsthand!

About Construct Pre-Fab Consultants

Our mission is to change the way we build through pre-fabrication, offsite construction, and lean manufacturing processes. Construct Prefab Consultants has more than 37 years of experience in the construction industry with a strong background in pipefitting, welding, pre-fabrication, plumbing, and construction management.  We help companies achieve their pre-fabrication goals through a range of services including digital shop design, material management, equipment selection, lean manufacturing, shop operations, field Installation, and more.