Digital Shop Design

At Construct Pre-Fab Consultants we specialize in lean manufacturing design whether you have an existing shop that needs improvement or are starting up a brand new pre-fab division.

Digital Shop Design

Set the stage for pre-fab success with cutting-edge digital shop design.

Scope pre-fabrication with a shop design review kit

Establish and prioritize your pre-fabrication goals using our proprietary shop design review kit.

Save money with better equipment selection

We'll help you avoid over spending on new equipment and evaluate your current tools to support your pre-fabrication capability.

Collaborate on layout with 3D shop design

Our CAD renderings allow for collaboration in designing the optimal shop layout to support your pre-fabrication goals.

Be smart about moving materials in your shop

Optimize the flow of material through your fab shop from receiving raw material to shipping pre-fabricated assemblies.

Improve productivity with lean manufacturing

Value stream mapping, pull production and standardizing work reduces waste, improves quality and lead times.

Setup workstations for improved workflow

Locate workstations in the right places for a more efficient pre-fabrication workflow.

Build in a model-to-fabrication workflow

Set up your workstations to cut parts directly from CAD and BIM models and track fabrication progress.

Support final assembly and field installation

Plan your field installation logistics and set up your pre-fab operation for shipping pre-fabricated assemblies to the field.

Let's start your pre-fabrication journey.

Ask about a Pre-Fab Development or Improvement Plan for your shop and get started today.