Equipment Selection

A well thought out equipment plan should be the foundation of your pre-fabrication operation.

Pre-fabrication Equipment

Enhance pre-fab capability with a value minded approach to equipment selection.

Save money with smarter equipment selection

We'll help you avoid over spending on new equipment and evaluate your current tools to support your pre-fabrication capability.

Leverage manufacturer relationships

We have relationships with many manufacturers and prefer to deal with them directly assuring top notch service and the best pricing.

Take welding to the next level with automation

Set up your workstations to cut parts directly from CAD and BIM models, label parts, and track fabrication progress in real-time.

Improve material handling with the right overhead crane system

From workstation cranes, to stand alone jib and overhead bridge cranes - we'll help set your shop up for success.

Build in a model-to-fabrication workflow

Set up both automated and manual workstations to work with cut lists pulled directly from CAD and BIM models.

Setup workstations for improved workflow

Our digital shop design will help you locate workstations in the right places for a more efficient pre-fabrication workflow.

Get more from automated saws, welding positioners & manual tools

Make the most of your existing workstations with recommendations on cost effective tools to fill the gaps.

Support final assembly and field installation

Plan your field installation logistics and set up your pre-fab operation for shipping prefabricated assemblies to the field.

Let's start your pre-fabrication journey.

Ask about a Pre-Fab Development or Improvement Plan for your shop and get started today.