Spool Sheets

Learn how the right tech stack can work with your existing design software to extract spool sheets directly from CAD and BIM models and take pre-fabrication to new heights in your shop.

model to fabrication

Understanding the model to fabrication workflow.

Designing MEP Systems

A model to fabrication workflow begins with using CAD or BIM software to model MEP construction assemblies and support design build capabilities.

Extracting Spool Sheets

Spool sheets, spool maps and bills of material (BOM’s) keep your fab shop operating. We'll show you how to extract the detail from design models.

Nesting Stock Material

Saving money on materials is a priority. A model to fabrication workflow offers features like nesting parts on stock material to minimize scrap.

Labeling Parts

Labeling modeled parts once they've been cut helps track inventory and brings another level of organization to your shop's workflow.

Tracking Fabrication Progress

Using 3D models and automating your workflow lets you track fabrication progress in real-time to keep VDC, fab and field teams connected.

Optimizing Your Tech Stack

Construct Pre-Fab Consultants will help optimize your fabrication tech stack so that the software, tools, and technology you use works well together.

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