Field Installation Logistics

At Construct Pre-Fab Consultants, we possess a deep understanding not only of the pre-fabrication process but also the intricacies of field operations—because we've been there ourselves. 

Field Installation

Manage field installation to cap off pre-fab success.

Engaging your field team throughout the pre-fab process ensures they grasp the project’s goals, enhancing execution during installation. Effective communication among the shop, field, and design teams facilitates updates, issue resolution, and alignment. Ultimately, the precise fitting of pre-fabricated pieces dictates project success.

Improved Scheduling
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Pre-Fab Development Plan

Our value

The next generation in fab shop design.

With over 37 years of experience in the prefabrication arena, our 3D shop design will optimze your workspace for maximum efficiency.

Develop Pre-Fabrication Capability

Maximize your company's advantage on the competition to achieve more competitive bids and win more contracts.

Improve Accuracy & Reduce Costs

Build with greater precision and control over quality while simultaneously reducing your labor and material cost inputs.

Offer More Competitive Bids

Control the entire process from design to fabrication and bid with greater confidence and accuracy.

Let's start your pre-fabrication journey.

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