Lean Manufacturing

At Construct Pre-Fab Consultants we specialize in lean manufacturing design whether you have an existing shop that needs improvement or are starting up a brand new pre-fab division.

Pre-Fab Fundamentals

Enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality.

Value Stream Mapping

Identify the entire value stream of the fabrication process, from receiving raw materials to delivering pre-fabricated assemblies to the field for installation.

Advanced Production Planning

Minimize inventory and work-in-progress by producing items as needed. Reduce waste, free up space, and deliver projects on time.

Standardized Work

Establish standardized work instructions, layouts, and tooling setups for fabrication tasks to ensure consistency and efficiency.

Improve Shop Layout

Implement a 5S methodology (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) to organize your workspace, eliminate clutter, and maintain cleanliness.

Continuous Improvement

Are workstations setup correctly? Are parts and tools close by? Encourage your team to identify and implement small, incremental changes to streamline fabrication processes.

Visual Management

Use visual cues such as kanban cards, status boards, and signage to communicate information effectively, monitor progress, and highlight areas needing attention.

Error Proofing -QA/QC

Implement mechanisms to prevent errors and defects in the fabrication process. This includes using jigs, fixtures, and error-proofing workstations to minimize rework.

Smart Manufacturing

Organize the fabrication shop into cells or workstations dedicated to specific tasks or product families. This reduces material handling and lead times while improving flexibility and responsiveness.

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