Material Management

At Construct Pre-Fab Consultants, we have helped many customers correct material handling inefficiencies with our
shop design review kit.

Material Management

Unlock the secrets to material handling efficiency.

In fabrication shops, overlooking material handling costs can significantly extend production times.  At Construct Pre-Fab Consultants, we specialize in identifying and rectifying material handling inefficiencies.  

With a range of solutions available from workstation cranes to stand-alone jib cranes and overhead bridge cranes, we can enhance your material handling design and streamline your pre-fabrication operation.

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Pre-Fab Development Plan

Our value

The next generation in fab shop design.

With over 37 years of experience in the pre-fabrication arena, our 3D shop design will optimze your workspace for maximum efficiency.

Develop Pre-Fabrication Capability

Give your company a competitive advantage to achieve more competitive bids and win more contracts.

Improve Accuracy & Reduce Costs

Build with greater precision and control over quality while simultaneously reducing your labor and material cost inputs.

Offer More Competitive Bids

Control the entire process from design to fabrication and bid with greater confidence and accuracy.

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