Production Tracking

Understanding production numbers is an essential component of any successful fab shop. How was pre-fab estimated? What are your real numbers vs. estimate? At Construct Pre-Fab Consultants we will dive deep into your operations making sure every team member understands the importance of production numbers.

model to fabrication

Measuring and improving fabrication production.

Estimating Pre-Fab

A primary benefit from pre-fabricating mechanical, electrical, and plumbing assemblies is that it allows you to extract accurate estimates.

Production V. Estimate

The right pre-fab workflow will make it easy to track deviations in material and labor costs so that you can fine tune your operation.

Evaluating Field Installation

Pre-fabrication is only as good as the final product. We'll help you develop the pre-fab systems to track field installation productivity and quality.

Workstation Productivity

Learn how you can track and Improve the productivity of each workstation from your most expensive automated pipe profilers down to manual tools.

Part Status

Tracking part status in real-time, when parts are cut, helps you monitor fabrication production at the project level and manage schedules.

Sharing Real-Time Data

Construct Pre-Fab Consultants will help you build a workflow that lets you track fabrication progress in real-time to keep VDC, fab and field teams connected.

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